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Melynda Kaufman

Since joining QCS in September of 2019, Melynda has been the applications coordinator, the receptionist, and is now one of your Certification Project Coordinators, filling positions that both suited her skills and helped progress the company as times have changed and the world and our industry have evolved during these challenging times.

Melynda attended both Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL and Southwestern Community College in Sylva, NC. Melynda has felt the pull between her hometown in Florida and her adopted home in the mountains of western North Carolina where 2 of her adult children still live. While Melynda has had many professions and duties over the years, she finds her greatest achievements have come on the home front raising 2 children to adulthood, embracing another daughter through marriage, and continuing to raise the youngest, who is still a teenager. Melynda is a grandmother, mother and devoted wife and when she isn’t working to show them all how much they mean to her, she has many hobbies and interests.

A few of those interests, at the moment, include: soap and candle making, Cricut, gaming, binge watching television shows she missed while raising her family, family history/genealogy, cataloging and maintaining both parents’ and grandparents’ photo collections. Melynda’s family photo collection spans over 70 years and contains several thousand photos. Currently, her main objective has been to organize them, research them, mark them appropriately for posterity, and make them available for family and friends digitally online.

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