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Violeta Delgado

Born in the mountains of the Dominican Republic on an agricultural valley that grows most of the vegetables consumed on the island, Violeta become an agriculture lover since a very young age. This made her to take a never-ending journey that keeps her learning every day. She studied agricultural science at EARTH University, in the humid tropic of Costa Rica. A few years after she started working, Violeta got her master’s degree on Management and Productivity.

In her career, she has always been involved with production and commercialization of agricultural products such as ornamental plants, vegetables, and agricultural inputs. She worked in the ornamental business at Metrolina greenhouses in North Carolina and Costa Farms in the Dominican Republic. In both cases, Violeta was involved with production and pest management. She also held the role of technical advisor and sales representative at Almonte Comercial. She is very happy to be part of the QCS Caribe team. To her, it represents an interesting challenge to learn and gain experience and knowledge in a new area of expertise.

In her spare time, she loves to enjoy time with her family and friends and visit the mountains and beaches of the island. She also enjoys spending time with animals.

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