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Certified Vegan.


Founded in 2016, the EVE VEGAN® certification mark was created to address the need for consumer protection alongside the development of the vegan market. The certification program provides the necessary guarantees, a long-term vision, and a deep and structural commitment among all the certified. It is also a tool for change because the standard acts at the heart of the industry: it guides companies in their future choices, always in favor of respect for animals.

Expertise Vegan Europe (EVE) is an independent certification body dedicated to conformity assessment, expertise and certification of products and services. It issues vegan certificates of conformity for raw materials, finished products and manufacturers in the food, cosmetics, textile and other industries. Join our certification program and help build an animal-free trade and industry. You can choose from product certification or factory certification.

This certification makes it possible to mitigate the lack of transparency and information for those who want to support a trade and a industry without animal exploitation. Choosing the EVE VEGAN® certification mark is to make a strong act towards the future and to join the people who want to live in accordance with our planet.

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