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Importing & Exporting Organic Products

These resources are available to help you understand the requirements for importing and exporting certified organic products.

Organic products may be imported into the United States when they are certified to the USDA organic regulations or when they are certified organic in a country where the US has an established trade partnership. 

These USDA factsheets provide an overview of importing and exporting:

Importing organic products into the US

Exporting organic products from the US

Click here to learn more about importing and exporting under established trade partnerships:

USDA website on International Organic Trade Arrangements

As of March 19, 2024, US importers must be certified organic and imported organic products must be associated with a valid NOP Import Certificate.  The NOP Import Certificate must be requested by the exporter from their certifying agent prior to shipment.

Click here for details about NOP Import Certificate Requirements.

Organic products may be exported to the European Union (EU) if they are produced in the United States and meet the terms of the US-EU equivalence arrangement or are certified to EU organic (or equivalent) standards.  All organic products imported into the EU must have the appropriate electronic certificate of inspection (e-COI) issued by QCS through the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES). 

Follow these links for more information.

USDA website about trade with the EU

EU Website: trade in organics

Transaction certificates are required for the following types of organic product exports.

To request a transaction certificate, complete the appropriate form and submit it to QCS with all required documentation as indicated on the form:

Click here for additional guidance about transaction certificates.

Click below to learn more about NOP import certificates.

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