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Símbolo Pequeño Productor (SPP)

Quality. Dignity. Planet Health.

SPP is an intercontinental network of ecological small-producer organizations. In partnership with committed companies and consumers, and legitimized by independent certification, we fight for the recognition of our work and high-quality products, a dignified life, and a healthy planet for all. QCS Ecuador is proud to offer this certification.

The SPP logo may be applied to agricultural and beekeeping products and crafts. SPP Global approval must be requested for other products. It can be used in approved countries in Latin America, Caribbean, developing countries in Africa and Asia, Europe, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA.

SPP Offers:

  • A 100% producer-driven initiative
  • Solidarity between organized small producers, committed companies, and consumers
  • High quality products that are organic, agroecological, and healthy
  • Prices based on real production costs and free of exploitation
  • Complete traceability from producer to consumer
  • Living income for producers
  • Independent certification

  • Watch the video below for more information!

    To take the next step, reach out to QCS Ecuador at:

    Email: info@qcsecuador.com
    Website: qcsecuador.com
    Tel: 593 + 98 417 6587
    Mail:QCS Ecuador Office
    Av. Edmundo Carvajal Oe4-72 y Av. Brasil
    Edificio Robalino-Acuña, oficina 202
    Quito, Ecuador

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