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Reyna Quiñonez

Reyna got her undergraduate Degree at university UTESA, one of the most well-known private universities of the area. Reyna has worked in different significant exporters in the Dominican Republic such as Savid Dominicana, where she did her internship in the certification department. Another important exporter where Reyna worked was Plantaciones del Norte, where she worked as an assistant in the Certification Department, both organic and Global Gap scopes. Reyna also worked as an assistant at Grupo Banamiel in the banana’s exportation department.

In her spare time, she likes to do voluntary service in her community, Castañuelas, teaching basic computer skills to older adults and kids at a community center.

Reyna considers all of her previous work experience in the certification and exportation fields as her key to success at QCS Caribe, where she has become more specialized in the Global Gap scope. Last but not least, Reyna has a beautiful family which includes her husband and two kids. She describes herself as a dreamer, empathetic, reliable, and always ready to give her best at every moment.

Luis Sosa

Luis is from Mao, Valverde, Dominican Republic. He got his undergraduate degree as an agronomist engineer at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). Across his career, he has worked for different companies related to agricultural production and commercialization in the Dominican Republic such as: Proyecto Camelia Agro-industrial, Proyecto de limónes orgánicos Sebastian Gutierrez and Almonte Comercial.

He believes that working for QCS is an incredible opportunity and challenge. He enjoys improving his knowledge of organic certification and the regulations of the different scopes that are covered by the company. Luis feels good at QCS, because he thinks that the family atmosphere in the company helps to make the work more efficient.

In his spare time, Luis enjoys walking his dog, playing softball and watching baseball games. As a family person, he also loves to spend time with family and friends.

Violeta Delgado

Born in the mountains of the Dominican Republic on an agricultural valley that grows most of the vegetables consumed on the island, Violeta become an agriculture lover since a very young age. This made her to take a never-ending journey that keeps her learning every day. She studied agricultural science at EARTH University, in the humid tropic of Costa Rica. A few years after she started working, Violeta got her master’s degree on Management and Productivity.

In her career, she has always been involved with production and commercialization of agricultural products such as ornamental plants, vegetables, and agricultural inputs. She worked in the ornamental business at Metrolina greenhouses in North Carolina and Costa Farms in the Dominican Republic. In both cases, Violeta was involved with production and pest management. She also held the role of technical advisor and sales representative at Almonte Comercial. She is very happy to be part of the QCS Caribe team. To her, it represents an interesting challenge to learn and gain experience and knowledge in a new area of expertise.

In her spare time, she loves to enjoy time with her family and friends and visit the mountains and beaches of the island. She also enjoys spending time with animals.

Lara Neri

Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Lara got her degree as an agronomist engineer from Instituto Superior de Agricultura (ISA), one of the most recognized agricultural universities of the country. She has been working with organic farming for the past five years, from working as manager of the internal control system in certified farms with Biocafcao, S.A (one of the leading companies in the commercialization of organic cocoa beans) to running fermentation process.

Lara enjoys working at QCS because every day there are new challenges and knowledge to acquire as a professional, collaborating with an excellent work team to guarantee compliance with organic standards.

Elba Yanira Disla

Elba comes from a rural area in Mao Valverde Dominican Republic called La Yagua. She got her undergraduate degree as an agronomist engineer at Universidad ISA, a very well known agricultural university in the country. Across her career she has worked at different exporters in Mao Valverde: Ekoban-Savid and Plantaciones del Norte. In these various companies she worked in their certification departments.

She has a broad understanding of the reality of small farmers that she was exposed to while working at Banelino's internal control system department. Also while working at Banelino, she went to University Earth in Cota Rica to get her ISO 9001 course. Elba went to get her master’s degree in science at Ohio State University, where she got her degree specifically in Rural Sociology and Community Development.

After getting her degree at OSU, she spent a couple of years as an assistant professor at Universidad ISA. Some of the subjects she taught were professional reports writing, research methodology and rural development. Finally, Elba spent 4 years as a technical manager at her family's banana plantation. She feels that all her career experience contributes to her knowledge of organic farming and certification to perform her duties at QCS Caribe.

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