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Meredith Morgan

Meredith is a graduate of California College of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration – perhaps not the traditional educational background for someone working in organics. Their personal interests have always turned towards the natural world: gardening, plant biology, tree identification, fun facts about insects. They bring a lifetime of customer care experience to their role at QCS, delighting in learning all the facets of their client’s operations.

Marielle Mackin

Marielle’s passion for gardening began as a child with sneaking snap peas in her grandfathers’ garden and to this day is still trying to answer the question: Why are there never enough snap peas?

Marielle has a particular love of seed saving, learned from her work at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, interning with High Mowing Organic Seeds, and managing Garden Medicinals and Culinaries. Before joining forces with QCS she spent the last 8 years as a manager with the USAs only certified organic grocery store (as of 2022) and shared her enthusiasm for education and sustainability with her team while offering the best services possible to every customer.

Matthew Swafford

Matt Swafford received his B.S. in Information Technology from Arizona State University. With an electrical engineer and a science teacher for parents, he’s always had an interest in computers and technology with a desire to help spread that interest to others. A father and a husband, he strives for balance in everything. This balance is reflected in support of sustainable means for food and energy production. In his free time, he enjoys playing outside with his son and unplugging for long weekends in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Elizabeth Swofford

Originally from Texas, Elizabeth became fascinated with sustainable agriculture while traveling in the Amazonas region of Brazil. She returned home and earned a Master’s in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences from Tarleton State University. She then spent a year at the ECHO Global Farm and Seedbank in Florida where she learned tropical agriculture and community development practices. From there she worked in ECHO’s Thailand office to coordinate and promote their 2019 regional conference, interacting with farmers across SE Asia. She enjoys supporting organic operations as they impact ecosystems and businesses for the better. Outside of work, she loves to cook and go on adventures with her husband.

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