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Carley Jordana

Carley is from St. Augustine, Florida where she grew up the youngest of 7 kids. She first became interested in agriculture in high school while studying abroad in Quevedo, Ecuador where she lived in an agricultural region of the country and met many local farmers. Carley attended the University of Florida for undergraduate where she majored in Sustainability Studies and pursued minors in Organic and Sustainable Crop Production and Spanish Language. She later went on to pursue her masters at UF in Horticultural Sciences where she researched the effects of grafting on mini watermelon fruit quality and yield in an organic system. In her personal life, Carley loves to read, travel, cook, and tending to her plants.

Sophia Robinson

Sophia received her B.S in Animal Science with a concentration in Food Animals from the University of Florida as well as her A.S in Veterinary Science from the College of Central Florida. Prior to coming to QCS Sophia volunteered at a local Exotic Animal Sanctuary where she gained experiencing working with Lions, Tigers, Primates, Bears and a host of other exotic animals. Growing up Sophia always expressed a passion for animals, but it was not until she joined her Future Farmers of America Chapter in high school that she developed a passion for swine. A passion she still carries today. Sophia has been with QCS since 2019, but when not working closely with organic farmers, Sophia enjoys tending to her garden, fishing, and spending time with her family and many animals.

Shemuel Patton

Hello, my name is Shemuel Patton, I was born in California and lived the last 19 years in Las Vegas, Nevada; I earned my Bachelor’s in Biology with minor focuses in chemistry and mathematics at Nevada State College. My interests range from playing music, learning languages (French and Spanish), and gardening. My newest hobby since moving here is spending almost every weekend at the beach and running from the ever-so abundant bugs that call Florida home.

Jenna May

Jenna May earned a B.S. in Biology, with a concentration in Spanish, from The University of Alabama. She earned a M.S. in Crop, Soils and Environmental Sciences at Auburn University, with her thesis focused on a fungus prevalent in Upland Cotton in the Southeastern United States. Her love for the outdoors and agriculture began while being raised on her grandparent’s nursery in northern Alabama. In her free time, she enjoys the water, paddleboarding, yoga, and cleaning up the beaches of Alabama.

Georgia Ringle

Georgia earned her B.S in Sustainable Food System’s from Goshen College. Her passion for agriculture began throughout her childhood growing up in a small agricultural town in Michigan. Georgia’s parents introduced her to gardening and raising chickens at a young age, and she still cherishes these hobbies. In her free time, Georgia enjoys spending time with friends and family partaking in outdoor activities, such as kayaking and camping, as well as staying in and baking or watching movies with her two fur babies.

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