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Certified Grass-Fed


OPT Grass-Fed Livestock


The Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Program sets the first national standard for grass-fed, organic dairy and meat production. The goal is to provide a third-party certification program for the entire supply chain from production to handling. Quality Certification Services is proud to hold accreditation for Organic Plus Trust (OPT) Grass-Fed Organic Livestock certification.

OPT Grass-Fed standards include

  • 60% Dry Matter Intake from pasture
  • 150 days on pasture
  • Grain-free feed or pre-grain stage (i.e. tassel)
  • 90-day transition period to become Grass-Fed


What’s required by QCS?

An operation must be part of Organic Valley’s FARM Program. To become a part, reach out to CROPP Cooperative. QCS does not offer this certification according to American Grass-Fed Association (AGA) standards.



For more information, reach out to us on our Organic page, in an email to qcs@qcsinfo.org, or with a phone call to (352) 377-0133.


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