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Paula Alegria

Born in Quito in 1997, Paula works as an assistant in the Commercial Department carrying out TCS and COIS issuance activities. She is studying marketing technology.

Her learning started years ago in the applications department as an assistant. She then became part of the commercial department.

Among her leisure activities, one of her favorites is to travel to new places where she can be in contact with nature.

Verónica Guapi

Born in the province of Chimborazo on January 25, 1989, Verónica is an Accounting and Auditing Engineer from the Central University of Ecuador. She has a Tax Expert certification granted by the Pichincha College of Accountants.

Verónica has been an Accounting Analyst at QCS since 2020, and she has worked in the accounting field for more than 10 years. Her experience is based on serving local and international clients in various areas such as services, construction and commerce. She has developed in the sectors of taxes, preparation of financial statements, and payroll (depending on the line of business).

She is a believing woman at the service of God. Verónica is passionate about reading and enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Diana Granada

Born in Quito on August 1, 1981, Diana works as an inspector and reviewer in the standards of Global Gap, FSMA, GRASP and organic standards. Working in the technical department, she is an agronomist with a master's degree in management of sanitary programs in food safety.

Diana is a Lead Trainer of the Fresh Produce Regulations of the FSMA Act of the United States. She has been part of the elaboration of the regulations of good agricultural and livestock practices, as well as procedures inherent to the regulation and control of organic production in Ecuador, when she was part of the Agrocalidad team for 10 years.

Among her leisure activities are mountaineering, reading, and sharing with her family.

Mario Cobo

Mario Cobo was born on July 7, 1986 in the city of Riobamba, Ecuador. He studied Graphic Design at the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo.

He has worked in different areas, in the tourism sector as a Guide, in the software development sector as Design Director and in the Education sector as a University Teacher.

He is currently working in QCS in the operations department and in the commercial department.

He likes drawing, hiking and Table Top Role Play Games.

María Pía Haro Benítez

María Pía received a degree in Engineering in Foreign Trade from Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH) in Ecuador and an MBA at UIDA University. Her experience includes working at the BCS ÖKO Garantie regional office.

She has been involved in the organic community in Ecuador for more than 16 years, providing services for two certification bodies. She started working right out of high school to be able to plan trips in and out of Ecuador. She believes that all kind of work dignifies man.

María Pía likes working for QCS because it is a fair alternative for organic producers. Throughout these years organic certification has allowed her to meet all kinds of people and see the hard work of Ecuadorian farmers. Her phrase is: “Always do what is right, not what is convenient.”

She loves her family, and that includes her dogs. She enjoys traveling, especially time spent outdoors. She loves parties where family and friends come together to celebrate (eating, cheers and dancing).

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